I’ve had the privilege of working with this incredible family for several years, and I look forward to every session with them. What fun it has been to watch these kids growing up! Hard to believe the oldest is a teenager already. Which is why photography is so much fun. I get to see the ages and stages from maternity photos to senior pictures. We always think, “We’ll remember this day!” But when you have so many wonderful memories, photographs are worth more than a thousand words – they are our memory when our memories fade.


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Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. That’s what little boys are made of!  And what a sweet boy this is! Big sisters are so proud to show him the ropes. He looks as happy to be here as they are to welcome him! One day he’ll grow up to be their protector. In the mean time, girls, look out for frogs in your bed!

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After an hour with this family, I felt like I could spend any amount of time with them and still leave smiling. They are friendly, joyful, and genuine. I absolutely loved the vibrant colors and light in this session. The boys were just as adorable as could be, and Mom and Dad were fun and creative in planning their session. They even brought the red wagon and teddy bear as props, and I love the result!

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    Alison Place Stumpf - Simply adorable!ReplyCancel

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    Betti Rosszer - It was a pleasure working with Shannon. The photo on the bench was taken at our dear friend Bryan Raybon’s memorial bench in Piedmont Park. Shannon took us to this spot to start the session, not knowing how special and sacred this place was for us. And it was the first time we were able to sit on this bench. We feel that Brian’s lovely spirit is embodied in the light shining through that Shannon so beautifully captured on this photo. Brian was giving us and our boys a warm hug on that gorgeous fall day. Thank you Shannon!ReplyCancel

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    Klári Havasi - Bettike nagyon jok a kepek, vegre latlak benneteket. Szepek vagytok , puszillak benneteket.ReplyCancel

A new year means a fresh start! These adorable kids don’t  care about resolutions, and who can blame them with smiles like this? What could they plan for 2015? To get cuter? Probably! Remember the carefree life of playing in the sprinkler, catching fireflies, and Easter Egg Hunts?

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. – Charles R. Swindoll

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